Product description
Product Name: Room style food cart
Body size: 230*165*210cm
Features: can be customized according to requirements
Product color: can be customized according to requirements

 Body material:
Double-layered Fiber-reinforced plastic (FRP) on both sides , featuring are high strength, light weight, anti-corrosion, temperature insulation, and fire protection.
The body is Double-layered reinforced color steel steet, which has the characteristics of radiation protection (radiation is relatively small), good heat dissipation, fire resistance, recyclability, and bright luster.
The bottom of the cart is used 2mm thick hot-dip galvanized square tube and hot-dip galvanized steel steet with a non-slip aluminum plate on top. Anti-slip and anti-rust features
 Internal workbench is made of stainless steel, eliminating inferior materials and reducing the damage to the body.
Standard configuration:
1. Stainless steel Front removeable flat panel (outside the window)
2. Front and back Stainless steel workbench
3. Stainless steel shelves on back wall
4. Led lights
5. jacking handle
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