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INDUSTRY:               Commercial Street

YEAR:                       2020

LOCATION:               Weifang, China

Touring car Product introduction

Free Time Pedestrian Street is located in the new area of Huludao City, Liaoning Province, with a total length of 580 meters. In order to upgrade the development of the neighborhood, provide consumers with multiple consumption scenes and rapidly prosper the city's night economy, the construction of the first new art neighborhood in Huludao city with "creative container" as the theme is very urgent.


Dining car Product introduction

1. Contemporary art should be integrated into the real scene of the block, so as to lay the foundation for creating a park-like consumption environment.

2. The product should meet the multi-styles development, bringing the citizens of Huludao a new experience of a one-stop shopping center for eating, drinking, entertainment and shopping like never before.

3. The lighting of the product should reflect the cultural atmosphere of "art" and "fashion" to enhance the humanistic connotation and attract young people to visit.


720VR Product introduction

1. There are 58 groups of creative containers + 20 mobile stores + 2 groups of landscape facilities. It creates a new generation of cultural and creative demonstration container pedestrian streets in Huludao City.

2. The innovative and flexible commercial business format is favored by the people. With a constant influx of citizens, it greatly releases new vitality for the development of the night market, promoting consumption upgrade and driving the development of the surrounding shopping area.

3. The new trendy container shops and mobile stores with their own lighting illumination add a romantic and warm style to the dark night, and the landscape facilities become trendy landmarks with high recognition.


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